Mold Forming Carbon Fiber Cigar Box

Mold Forming Carbon Fiber Cigar Box

Process Injection Molding
Material Plastic
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 3 workdays


About Project

Do you love the rich aroma and smooth taste of a good cigar, but wish your cigar box reflected the same sophistication? Tired of bulky, wooden boxes that scratch easily and lack a touch of class? Look no further than FacFox's revolutionary Carbon Fiber Forming Services!

Imagine a cigar box that's:

Feather-light: Made from high-strength carbon fiber, it's incredibly lightweight for effortless carrying, without sacrificing durability.
Flawlessly Sleek: Forget rustic wood – FacFox's carbon fiber process creates a flawless surface, free from imperfections, for a truly modern and upscale look.
Built to Impress: The sleek, black carbon fiber exudes an air of luxury, making it a conversation starter and a testament to your refined taste.
Perfectly Practical: Designed to hold 3 cigars securely, it features a smooth opening and closing mechanism for easy access and protection.
No more settling for bulky, outdated cigar boxes. With FacFox's Carbon Fiber Forming Services, you can create a bespoke cigar box that's as unique and sophisticated as your taste.

Contact FacFox today and experience the future of cigar storage!


  • Step 1: The sleek, modern design of the cigar box was conceptualized, ensuring it was lightweight and could store three cigars.
  • Step 2: High-quality carbon fiber materials were selected for their durability and flawless appearance.
  • Step 3: A mold corresponding to the design specifications was crafted, allowing for precision in the final product.
  • Step 4: Carbon fiber sheets were carefully laid into the mold. The fibers were oriented to ensure strength and a smooth finish.
  • Step 5: Epoxy resin was then applied to the carbon fiber layers, ensuring all fibers were thoroughly saturated.
  • Step 6: The mold was heated in an autoclave, where the resin-infused carbon fiber was cured, solidifying the structure.
  • Step 7: Once cooled, the formed cigar box was gently removed from the mold.
  • Step 8: Excess material was trimmed away, and the edges were sanded to perfection, maintaining the box’s sleek profile.
  • Step 9: The cigar box underwent a rigorous quality check to ensure a smooth opening and closing mechanism and a flawless look.
  • Step 10: Finally, protective coatings were applied, enhancing the box’s durability and giving it a high-quality finish.