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Last modified: May 28, 2019
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FacFox Buyer Protection
At FacFox we do everything in our power to facilitate an environment where you can easily find a suitable manufacturing method so your parts can be produced quickly and at a high quality.

The FacFox Buyer Protection will provide you a guarantee that your ordered parts will be delivered according to the specifications outlined in the list of the order page, or those you agreed on with FacFox. If this is not the case you are entitled to a refund/remake.

When you pay for your orders on FacFox, your payment to the manufaturer is put in escrow.

If you are unhappy with the order you received (or if you did not receive the order), you can contact order administrator for aftersaling this within 3 days after package arrival (package received) or 30 days after shipment (package never arrives). This will lead the order to the status “aftersale”.

  • We do not provide refunds if it’s already over 3 days after the delivery of the package, the delivery date is subjected to the tracking information from the courier’s official tracking system information, which shows “package delivered”. Please check the parcel immediately after you receive it to avoid this issue.
  • We do not provide refunds for products that have been used, altered, or damaged by yourself after you’ve received the shipment.
  • We do not provide refunds for orders that is marked as ‘Make Anyway’.

We will release this payment to the manufaturer when you indicate that you have received the order and are happy with the products.

When you do raise an issue, it’s usually the support team that steps in and offers a solution to the issue.

Using this mechanism you’ll have peace of mind that FacFox will deliver the print within the agreed terms and the manufaturer will have peace of mind that they’ll get paid once the print has been completed successfully.

See also the Refund Rules and Return Policy!

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