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Last modified: August 28, 2023
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All orders ship with a tracking number that can be used to monitor the status of the package in transit. We will send you an email notification with tracking number one day after the package is dispatched. You can click the link to track the status or directly track with the official website of the courier.

Please note: the listed delivery times/costs are based on the average rate provided by the individual carrier and could be longer based on the complexity/size of your part, location and service restrictions. FacFox is not responsible for delays attributable to the carrier.

If you are having trouble tracking or receiving a package, please click ‘support‘ button to contact us.

Couriers, Delivery Times & Pricing

The international shipping cost can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight. See the comparison below:

Some couriers only charge by actual weight, and some will charge by the larger value between actual weight and volumetric weight.

Destination Option Delivery Time(Business days) Charging Method Volumetric Divisor
United States, Canada EMS 10-20 Higher Value 6000
DHL 3-7 Higher Value 5000
FedEx 5-9
UPS 7-14 6000
South America EMS 10-20 Actual Weight
DHL 3-7 Higher Value 5000
FedEx 5-9
UPS Varies by country 6000
Australia, New Zealand EMS 7-15 Actual Weight
DHL 3-6 Higher Value 5000
EU countries EMS 7-15 Actual Weight
DHL 3-6 Higher Value 5000
Asia EMS 7-15 Actual Weight
DHL 3-6 Higher Value 5000
All other countries EMS Varies by country Actual Weight
UPS Varies by country Higher Value 6000
DHL 3-6 Higher Value 5000

Production Time

Our production times vary based on materials products are 3D printed in. Visit the Materials page to find specific production times for each material. Please note that we ship all ordered products together if multiple orders are finished in the same time, so the product in your order with the longest production time will determine when your order will ship. You can see the estimated ship date for your order in your order status page once you’ve placed the order.

We do our best to get your orders to you as quickly as possible. The listed production times for FacFox materials take into account the challenges of manufacturing unique and untested designs. This means that many items ship ahead of schedule, though we cannot guarantee it. Unfortunately, some designs may also face delays. We’ll provide email notifications to keep you updated on the status of your order, and you can always check your order status page.

Import Duty, Tax and Brokerage Fees

We make every effort to minimize any import duty, tax and brokerage fees to which you may be subject. However, depending on the destination country of your order, duty, tax and brokerage fees may be assessed upon importation. Our shipping charges are only for the cost of carriage and do not include these additional charges. Contact the carrier and the customs authority in your country for further information.

Goods shipped will be described as plastic or metal sample units with the lowest declared value possible .

Combined import duty and tax are typically 5-20% of the total order value. In some cases, an additional brokerage fee may be assessed by the carrier.

If delivery of an order placed on FacFox is refused, you will be responsible for the original shipping charges, as well as any import duty, tax, and brokerage fees that may be assessed.

FacFox makes every effort to minimize the possible burden of these additional charges and we are in process of making improvements to how we ship into several major markets worldwide.

Shipping Priorities and Aftersales Service

There are 4 shipping priorities in Manual Quote mode: Fast, Balanced, Cheap, and Auto Suggest.

  • Fast: This is the fastest shipping priority and offers the highest level of insurance. We offer a partial/full refund or remake if the package is lost or damaged during shipment.
  • Balanced: This is a balanced shipping priority that offers a good compromise between speed and cost, which is also highly recommended for most users. We offer a partial/full refund or remake if the package is lost or damaged during shipment.
  • Cheap: This is the cheapest shipping priority and does not offer any insurance. We do not offer any refunds or remakes if the package is lost or damaged during shipment.
  • Auto Suggest: This shipping priority is automatically selected based on the weight and destination of the package. The level of insurance offered will vary depending on the selected shipping priority.
By choosing the Cheap shipping priority, the user voluntarily forfeits their right to request a refund/remake if the package is lost or damaged during shipment.

We recommend that you choose the shipping priority that best meets your needs. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team.


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