CNC Milled Coffee Machine Accessory Chrome-plated Espresso Maker Mounting

CNC Milled Coffee Machine Accessory Chrome-plated Espresso Maker Mounting

Process CNC, Polish, Electroplate
Material Metal
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 4 workdays


About Project

Chrome plating is a common finishing treatment for CNC machining products. It applies a layer of chromium to the surface by submerging the product into a chromic acid solution. Chrome plating can increase hardness and durability, prevent corrosion and enhance aesthetics.


  • Step 1: The CAD model was examined and transformed into a CNC-compatible format with the software AutoCAD.
  • Step 2: A most suitable type of CNC machine was chosen according to the complexity of the product design and the cost of the workpiece.
  • Step 3: Certain operations were configured and the G-codes were input on the machine. The workpiece was mounted on the machine as well.
  • Step 4: The workpiece got shaped and the holes were drilled automatically. It would be inspected during and after the machining process for quality assurance.
  • Step 5: The part was degreased and manually cleaned, and then placed into a preheated chrome plating vat for minutes.


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