Brinter Launches New Visco Bio Printing Heads with Puredyne Bioprinting

Brinter Launches New Visco Bio Printing Heads with Puredyne Bioprinting

Finnish bioprinting startup Brinter released the new extrusion-based Visco Bio medical print head for its Brinter bioprinters. The new modular print heads enable nearly zero dead volume, meaning that expensive medical grade material waste is cut to a minimal level. The Finnish company continues to develop and implement new features to its device on the back of a strong first year’s growth year in 2021.

UpNano Triples Sales and Strengthens Position in the US Market

UpNano Triples Sales and Strengthens Position in the US Market

Based on strong interest from the US market and a solid financial position, UpNano GmbH, a commercial-stage technology company and leader in 2 Photon-Polymerization (2PP) 3D-printing, will extend operations to the United States, adding Erika Bechtold as Vice President of US operations. The company manufactures and sells the renowned NanoOne series of laser-powered 2PP 3D-printing systems that are able to build structures across 12 orders of magnitude at an unprecedented speed. The company’s expansion follows a year of strong business growth, seeing the company’s sales triple and market interest rising strongly.

Triditive and Foxconn to develop a metal binder jetting AM system 3D Printer Hardware

Triditive and Foxconn to Develop a Metal Binder Jetting AM System

The Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn has joined forces with the Asturian company Triditive, a global benchmark company in additive manufacturing, to develop a 3D printer leveraging binder jetting technology. For several years, Triditive has been developing and commercializing bound metal extrusion systems tailored for parts production, under the brand AMCELL. Triditive and Foxconn will now work together on further scaling the AM platform’s automated manufacturing capabilities, marking a very important milestone and significant achievement for the Asturian startup led by CEO Mariel Diaz.

Deggendorf Institute of Technology orders MPO 100 printer Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Deggendorf Institute of Technology Orders MPO 100 Printer

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) has placed an order for a Multiphoton Optics MPO 100 printer. Multiphoton Optics was awarded the contract shortly before the official market launch of the new multi-user laser direct writer, which is based on Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP), and is produced by parent company Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH. The MPO 100 will be used in the field of packaging and integrated optics at the Technology Campus (TC) Teisnach Sensor Technology of the DIT.

CADdent Install Their First Lithoz 3D Printer

CADdent Install Their First Lithoz 3D Printer

Lithoz GmbH has recently successfully installed their first 3D printer, a CeraFab System S65 Medical, at the CADdent facilities in Germany. CADdent, the leading provider of additive manufacturing and CAD/CAM solutions in dental technology, is currently expanding its 3D printing operations and, with this new acquisition, will offer high-precision 3D-printed ceramic components and serve as a high-performance partner for applied research in the future.

Nexa3D has started shipping its XiP 3D desktop printer 3D Printer Hardware

Nexa3D Has Started Shipping its XiP 3D Desktop Printer

Nexa3D is now shipping its market-ready XiP 3D desktop printers to customers in the US and Canada. Since introducing its first Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) system for the desktop at Formnext in November 2021 – the product’s waitlist has extended to hundreds of product designers and creators looking to increase the throughput and efficiency of their desktop 3D printing.

First 20 VLM printers to be shipped by BCN3D in Spring 2023 3D Printing Processes

First 20 VLM Printers to be Shipped by BCN3D in Spring 2023

Earlier this year, BCN3D Technologies announced that its strive for innovation had led its 3D printing experts to never-before-seen 3D printing technology, using high viscosity resins. Developed over the last three years, the patented Viscous Lithography Manufacturing (VLM) provoked mass interest worldwide, with more than 500 companies registering to become early adopters of the development of this ecosystem. BCN3D, in a response to the demand, has partnered with Arkema, and Henkel, to obtain material properties and applications otherwise unreachable with other resin-based technologies, and has committed to delivering 20 VLM printers to 20 of the companies currently enlisted in its Technology Adoption Program, during Spring 2023.