New Cadillac CELESTIQ features 115 3D printed parts Additive Manufacturing

New Cadillac CELESTIQ features 115 3D printed parts Additive Manufacturing

As anticipated by 3dpbm in July 2022, the Cadillac CELESTIQ, described by GM “as the most technologically advanced Cadillac ever”, features an impressive 115 3D printed parts in the production vehicle, demonstrating GM’s broadest use of this process. Additively manufactured parts include the steering wheel center, which is the largest metal part GM has printed in production, combining the show surface and the structural B-side of the part. Another 3D printed part is the seat belt adjustable guide loop, which is GM’s first safety-related 3D printed part.


6K Energy and ONE sign joint development agreement Additive Manufacturing

6K Energy, a division of 6K, a leader in the sustainable production of engineered materials for lithium-ion batteries and additive manufacturing produced from its UniMelt plasma technology, has signed a joint development agreement with Our Next Energy (ONE) to develop and produce the critical battery material that ONE will use in their Gemini and Aries battery platforms. The agreement strengthens the procurement of domestically produced electric vehicle batteries for automotive OEMs manufactured by ONE, made with battery materials produced locally by 6K Energy. Both organizations are focused on supplying the industry with domestically-sourced batteries and battery materials while also lowering the environmental impact associated with traditional production technologies.


Citroën and BASF’s EV concept oli features 20 3D printed parts Additive Manufacturing

It’s no longer about the fastest or most luxurious car. Citroën and BASF have unveiled an all-electric concept car oli [all-ë], as a manifesto on how much can be saved by reducing weight and resource usage. “This concept car shows what can be achieved when partners trust one another and are bold enough to tread new paths,” explained Uta Holzenkamp, President Coatings, representing the automotive team at BASF. “The result is an entire microcosm of ideas and solutions that goes way beyond the original concept.”


Velo3D qualifies M300 tool steel for use in Sapphire printers Materials

Velo3D, a leading metal additive manufacturing technology company for mission-critical parts, has qualified M300 tool steel, an ultra-low carbon alloy that delivers very high strength and hardness, for use in Velo3D’s Sapphire printers. Velo3D has already seen extensive interest in the alloy from automotive manufacturers for use in high-pressure die cast inserts, injection molding, and other types of tooling.