EOS and Sauber Technologies sign three-year partnership on AM Additive Manufacturing

EOS and Sauber Technologies Sign Three-year Partnership on AM

EOS, a leading supplier of industrial 3D printing technology, and Sauber Technologies, the company devoted to bringing Sauber’s Formula One mindset and innovation to businesses all over the world, signed a three-year AM technology partnership at the F1 Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain, last weekend. The partnership includes installation of a new EOS P 500 for polymer parts production.

WCAC (water charge air cooler) launched by Conflux Technology Decision Makers

WCAC (Water Charge Air Cooler) Launched by Conflux Technology

Conflux Technology has used its extensive knowledge in additively manufactured heat exchangers to deliver its first product: a premium, scalable, configurable, ultra-high performing water charge air cooler (WCAC) that outperforms other leading WCACs, applicable to motorsport and high-end automotive markets. The Conflux WCAC is configured to specific customer requirements and has been launched with a focus on performance, competitive pricing, and rapid delivery.

BMW presents successful implementation of IDAM project Industrial Additive Manufacturing

BMW Presents Successful Implementation of IDAM Project

The Industrialization and Digitization of Additive Manufacturing project (IDAM project) for automotive series processes has been successfully implemented. The project consortium, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and led by the BMW Group, started three years ago with small and medium-sized companies, large companies, and research institutions. All members had a common goal – to revolutionize metallic 3D printing in the field of automotive series production.

MX3D M1 Metal AM System to be used for automotive parts 3D Printer Hardware

MX3D M1 Metal AM System to be Used for Automotive Parts

An M1 Metal AM System from Dutch company MX3D is going to be installed at the Additive Manufacturing Campus of BMW Group in Munich, Germany. With the M1 Metal AM System, BMW Group has acquired one of the most advanced setup the market has to offer with respect to Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). This will allows the company’s engineers to explore the potential of this highly flexible and productive method of metal additive manufacturing.

3D Printed Heat Exchangers Push E-Stall Formula Student Racecar

3D Printed Heat Exchangers Push E-Stall Formula Student Racecar

Using Additive Manufacturing technology, the Formula Student Racing Team E-Stall of the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen, Germany, improved cooling of the electric drivetrain and power electronics. Printed with the highest accuracy on the EP-M260 by Eplus3D, the aluminum-made parts were able to easily dissipate the generated heat and therefore improve the performance of the racecar.