Stratasys and CollPlant joint development addresses $2.6B bioprinting market opportunity

Stratasys and CollPlant have announced plans to “transform healthcare with industrial scale bioprinting of tissues and organs.” To establish a method for bio-fabricating human tissues and organs utilizing CollPlant Biotechnologies’ rh-Collagen-based bioinks and Stratasys Ltd’s P3 technology-based bioprinter, the two companies have signed a cooperative development and commercialization agreement. The first project focuses on making a solution for CollPlant’s program for regenerative breast implants that can be used on an industrial scale.

First US Surgeries Successfully Utilize 3D Printed PEEK Spinal Implants

In a medical 3D printing breakthrough, the first US surgeries featuring a revolutionary spinal implant made from Evonik‘s VESTAKEEP® i4 3DF PEEK filament biomaterial were conducted earlier this month. Developed by Curiteva, a US-based technology firm, the implant has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is the first-ever 3D printed, fully interconnected porous polyether ether ketone (PEEK) implant of its kind for commercial use.

Regenerative Medicine strategy and tissue bioprinting plans announced by 3D Systems

3D Systems, a leading U.S. additive manufacturing company, has announced plans for a Regenerative Tissue Program (RPT). The strategic initiative aims to develop and commercialize bioprinted human tissue, building upon 3D Systems expertise in Healthcare from in-house products such as Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) and recent acquisitions, including the $400M purchase of Volumetric Biotechnologies.