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Nexa3D expands global reseller network AM Industry

After 3DZ for Southern Europe, Nexa3D has signed several new resellers covering the United States, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa to expand its global reach to four continents. The reseller network expansion is part of Nexa3D’s ambitious plan to deliver significant speed and productivity upgrade for the tens of thousands of legacy stereolithography printer users by delivering ultra-fast industrial printers at an attractive cost of ownership. The company’s flagship NXE400 has the ability to print up to 19 liters of parts in a single build.


COBOD releases first construction 3D printer configurator Construction 3D Printing

In its effort to always be one step ahead of mounting competition, the current construction 3D printing industry leader COBOD has released the first-ever construction 3D printer configurator app, available on iOS and Android as well as a web app on the company’s website. The configuration looks to make construction 3D printing more accessible and more fun, in the era of 3D Construction 2.0. It’s a blast.

Spain’s BRECA Health Care Validates 3D Printing for Pediatric Neurosurgery Reconstruction Materials

Advancements in the medical field have shown that 3D printing can be proficiently applied to many added value clinical applications. These include planning of a complex reconstruction in neurosurgery or improving the accuracy of custom-made implants for orthopedic reconstructions. The use of 3D printed surgical guides can reduce the time of surgery and enhance outcome. BRECA Health Care, a start up based in Granada, Spain is pioneering the design and manufacturing of custom-made medical devices with many patients treated worldwide during the last 7 years.


NVIDIA partners with HP Labs to introduce GVDB voxel level 3D printing AM Software

Computer graphics hardware and software giant NVIDIA revealed its intention to begin targeting real GVDB voxel-level 3D printing through both dedicated software and hardware. This strategy is meant to target the current limitations in 3D printing objects that are made of several different materials and parts. Identified challenges in 3D printing include multiple colors, differing densities and the use of a mix of materials.