Tesla enthusiast runs 90-printer farm to make SnapPlate holders Additive Manufacturing

Tesla enthusiast runs 90-printer farm to make SnapPlate holders Additive Manufacturing

Mass customization, consumer 3D printing, on-demand, local, digital manufacturing. These are no longer just far away goals of 3D printing: for some people, they are already a reality. According to 3dpbm’s newest Polymer AM market report, there were 4.17 million units of entry-level desktop 3D printers installed globally. If we factor in prosumer-level 3D printers – such as those from Ultimaker and Prusa – the total grows to about 4.75. million units. There are those, an increasingly large number of people, that use farms of these 3D printers to build new businesses. That’s certainly the case of Tesla enthusiast Matthew Budraitis and his SnapPlate 3D printed accessories sold on the EveryAmp website.


Formify personalized gaming mouse improves performance Consumer Products

As Esports continue to grow, custom gaming components and accessories are becoming a major business opportunity for 3D printing service providers. Canadian start-up Formify has developed a personalized gaming mouse designed to enhance gaming performance. The company used MJF 3D printing technology and teamed up with 3D printing experts at Hubs (part of global AM service provider Proto Labs) to bring this idea to life.


Cycling hour speed world record set on a 3D printed Pinarello bike Consumer Products

Filippo Ganna, the 26-year-old cycling champion from Team Ineos, set a new hour speed world record, after covering 56.792 Km of track in 60 minutes at the Grenchen velodrome. The world record holder, Dan Bigham, set the previous record just last August 19th at 55.548 Km. How did Ganna do it? For sure his amazing talent and a lot of work but also thanks to a largely 3D printed Pinarello bike: the BOLIDE F HR 3D.


Tetra Pak and Aectual 3D print recycled furniture Consumer Products

According to Tetra Pak, almost 200 billion beverage cartons were produced in 2021, and there are an estimated 5 billion buildings in the world. Therefore, it only makes sense to explore turning these cartons into high-value architectural materials, and decreasing humanity’s reliance on virgin materials used for building and furnishing our daily living and working spaces. This is exactly what Dutch interior design brand, Aectual, is doing – using PolyAl (polymers and aluminum from recycled cartons).


Julia Koerner presents her 3D printed Crystal Lamellas installation Professional Additive Manufacturing

Award-winning Austrian Designer and Creative Director of JK3D, Julia Koerner, presented her 3D printed Crystal Lamellas installation at The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Venice. The installation formed part of the Italian Glass Weeks within the emblematic setting of the Explorer’s Library in one of the most historic and iconic spaces overlooking the Grand Canal.