Julia Koerner presents her 3D printed Crystal Lamellas installation Professional Additive Manufacturing

Award-winning Austrian Designer and Creative Director of JK3D, Julia Koerner, presented her 3D printed Crystal Lamellas installation at The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Venice. The installation formed part of the Italian Glass Weeks within the emblematic setting of the Explorer’s Library in one of the most historic and iconic spaces overlooking the Grand Canal.

A render Julia Koerner’s Crystal Lamellas installation

JK3D was founded in 2020 by Julia Koerner, in Los Angeles, as a next-generation brand focused on 3D printed, sustainable, and innovative fashion and décor products. JK3D is a woman-owned business, a subsidiary of JK Design GmbH, and was founded in Salzburg, Austria in 2015. In 2021, JK3D expanded to Vienna with the support of the Vienna Business Agency – with a focus on designing and manufacturing products for the European market.

The Crystal Lammellas feature 3D printed designs that are inspired by the structure, performance, and colors of the gills and lamellae of fungi. The designs are 3D printed spirally as a single shell, using only the required material. The Crystal Lamellas emphasize the uniqueness of nature, where no two objects are alike.


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The installation features digitally crafted glass sculptures, which are manufactured by Swarovski, through their cutting-edge glass 3D printing technology, and individually coated with their colorization technologies. This project is a continuation of Julia Koerner’s four-year-long collaboration with Swarovski – focused on design and sustainable manufacturing innovation.

The sculptures are an extension of JK3D’s lamella series which exists at a variety of scales in 3D printed polymers. The installation is showcased on a sculpted base, that organically embodies the sculptures, which was 3D printed using sand – accentuating the connection between two unique states of a single material, yet in different advanced technologies and a symbiotic form.

Julia Koerner’s inspiration for the Crystal Lamellas installation

On September 23rd, Julia Koerner participated in a conversation on glass titled “Shattering Boundaries: New Technologies and Techniques in Glass Today”, which occurred virtually on the Italian Glass Weeks’ YouTube channel.

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