Fraunhofer IGD scientists develop new process to avoid stair-step artifacts 3D Printing Processes

Scientists at Fraunhofer IGD – Mostafa Morsy Abdelkader Morsy, Alan Brunton, and Philipp Urban – whose ‘3D Printing Technology’ department is responsible for the creation of Cuttlefish, have devised a purely geometric and algorithmic method for the elimination of stair-step artifacts in multi-material 3D printing. To avoid quantization errors, the surface of the object is modulated with a high-frequency signal. This results in geometrically accurate and color-true surfaces. The research team has set down their findings in a paper titled ‘Shape Dithering for 3D Printing’, which will be published to coincide with SIGGRAPH, the premier conference, and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques – where the research will be presented by the lead author, Mostafa Morsy Abdelkader Morsy.

PostProcess launches CONNECT3D AM platform Additive Manufacturing

PostProcess Launches CONNECT3D AM Platform

PostProcess Technologies, the pioneer of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing, today has made known that its CONNECT3D Additive Manufacturing Platform is now available. The CONNECT3D platform is a new addition to the company’s current full-stack solution of hardware, chemistry, and software and complements the current AUTOMAT3D software application.

ASICS releases ACTIBREEZE 3D (printed) SANDAL Consumer Products


ASICS has launched its new ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL – a 3D printed sandal specifically designed to help the body and mind of a recovering athlete in the ‘After Performance’ phase. The ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL features a novel geometric structure, made possible through parametric design and advanced 3D printing technology, to deliver outstanding comfort and protection for the wearer.


3DEO Adds DfAM as Core Service

Los Angeles-based 3DEO, one of the world’s highest volume metal 3D printing companies, has added design and engineering services to its portfolio of offerings, to better support its customers throughout the entire product lifecycle. 3DEO is introducing advanced end-to-end solutions to product and engineering teams across all industries, specializing in medical devices, industrial equipment, aerospace and consumer products. The decision to include early-stage DfAM in its already differentiated 3D printing technology service gives 3DEO a further advantage to uniquely solve its customers’ needs at any stage of the product development lifecycle – with the ultimate goal of production at scale.

CloudPrint 2.0 released by MakerBot AM Software

CloudPrint 2.0 Released by MakerBot

MakerBot, a company that forms part of the Stratasys portfolio, has released CloudPrint 2.0 – a major upgrade to its print preparation and management solution, MakerBot CloudPrint. MakerBot CloudPrint now includes an enhanced interface for a smoother user experience, and several new and upgraded features that enable users to go from CAD file to 3D printed part faster than before.

AddUp Dashboards Puts Metal AM Process Data Front and Center

AddUp Dashboards Puts Metal AM Process Data Front and Center

The importance of data in metal additive manufacturing cannot be overstated. It is data—derived from materials, hardware, process and more—that enables additive manufacturing companies and users to improve the technology and its output, to streamline workflows and achieve greater efficiency. But data can be notoriously difficult to navigate and visualize, which makes it challenging to transform it into actionable insights. AddUp, a global metal additive manufacturing company that was formed out of Fives and Michelin, aims to make 3D printing data more accessible for its metal AM systems through its new AddUp Dashboards software, released in February 2022.

New digital products launched by Xometry AM Software

New Digital Products Launched by Xometry

During a virtual event titled “The Xometry Marketplace: Powering Tomorrow’s Supply Chain”, Xometry launched a suite of new digital products, including – The Industrial Buying Engine on Thomasnet.com, and Workcenter (an all-in-one “manufacturing execution system”). The company has also opened the new Workcenter to third-party developers.

Shree Rapid Technologies partners with BCN3D AM Industry

Shree Rapid Technologies Partners with BCN3D

Barcelona-based 3D printer manufacturer, BCN3D, has partnered with Shree Rapid Technologies, one of the largest 3D printing and 3D scanning solutions providers in India. The partnership aims to help manufacturers in India to drive innovation, increase productivity, cut costs, and streamline workflows with the advanced 3D printing technologies from BCN3D, such as IDEX.

SAGA Space Architects 3D print 7-meter-tall analog moon habitat Professional Additive Manufacturing

SAGA Space Architects 3D Print 7-Meter-Tall Analog Moon Habitat

SAGA Space Architects, a Copenhagen-based design practice working on making space liveable for future space travelers, have 3D printed their new 7-meter-tall analog moon habitat – the world’s tallest 3D printed polymer structure. The shell has been topologically optimized, and the corrugated surface generated, to withstand the specific forces the habitat would experience on the Moon. The habitat was brought to life in just nine months – from the first sketch to the final printed form, and has been designed to support a crew of two astronauts, comfortably, for 90 days on the surface of the Moon.