ASICS releases ACTIBREEZE 3D (printed) SANDAL Consumer Products


ASICS has launched its new ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL – a 3D printed sandal specifically designed to help the body and mind of a recovering athlete in the ‘After Performance’ phase. The ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL features a novel geometric structure, made possible through parametric design and advanced 3D printing technology, to deliver outstanding comfort and protection for the wearer.

Other key design elements of the ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL include a thick, open lattice structure, that delivers excellent cooling and breathability – with the sandal proven to keep temperature and humidity levels on foot lower than other recovery sandals currently on the market, according to ASICS. The sandal’s extra-wide base provides a soft, stable platform. All of these features combine to help optimize a recovering athlete’s After Performance phase, helping them perform at their peak, come the next race day.

The launch of ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL sees ASICS extend its commitment to offering the very best in performance and protection for its athletes, starting in the After Performance space. The move reflects ASICS’ belief that significant performance gains can be made through the enhanced recovery of both body and mind.

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“We’ve had the super shoe and the super spike. Now it’s time for the super sandal. The ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL represents our belief that innovation in sports footwear shouldn’t be limited to what the athlete wears when competing or training. Through our new After Performance commitment, we want to continue exploring new ways we can further optimize post-race recovery and relaxation of both body and mind for our athletes,” said AJ Andrassy, General Manager of Product Management, Performance Running Footwear Division at ASICS.

“This sandal is quite unlike anything we’ve created before. Its unique design provides structural integrity while still having an ability to be morphed parametrically. The result is a sandal that provides the right amount of porousness – combining breathability and resilience to deliver optimized levels of softness and support. The successful implementation of this method also moves us closer to an exciting future where a shoe can freely morph its form to exactly fit the profiles of each individual athlete,” said Genki Hatano, Lead Researcher at Future Creation Deptartment, ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS), who was in charge of the parametric design.

The ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL retails for $80.


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Author: Edward Wakefield

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