ASICS releases ACTIBREEZE 3D (printed) SANDAL Consumer Products


ASICS has launched its new ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL – a 3D printed sandal specifically designed to help the body and mind of a recovering athlete in the ‘After Performance’ phase. The ACTIBREEZE 3D SANDAL features a novel geometric structure, made possible through parametric design and advanced 3D printing technology, to deliver outstanding comfort and protection for the wearer.

Spend a night in the 3D printed suite of a thousand-year-old tower in Italy Consumer Products

Spend a Night in the 3D Printed Suite of a Thousand-year-old Tower in Italy

What happens if you combine a thousand-year-old castle overlooking the sea in Liguria and a startup that produces aerospace parts in additive technology with anthropomorphic robotic arms? You may be in for one of the most unforgettable experiences ever at the 3D printed suite of the Capitolare Tower, in Porto Venere, Liguria, Italy. 3dpbm will be visiting the Tower for its grand opening next week and we’ll bring you more exclusive images.

New digital products launched by Xometry AM Software

New Digital Products Launched by Xometry

During a virtual event titled “The Xometry Marketplace: Powering Tomorrow’s Supply Chain”, Xometry launched a suite of new digital products, including – The Industrial Buying Engine on, and Workcenter (an all-in-one “manufacturing execution system”). The company has also opened the new Workcenter to third-party developers.

SAGA Space Architects 3D print 7-meter-tall analog moon habitat Professional Additive Manufacturing

SAGA Space Architects 3D Print 7-Meter-Tall Analog Moon Habitat

SAGA Space Architects, a Copenhagen-based design practice working on making space liveable for future space travelers, have 3D printed their new 7-meter-tall analog moon habitat – the world’s tallest 3D printed polymer structure. The shell has been topologically optimized, and the corrugated surface generated, to withstand the specific forces the habitat would experience on the Moon. The habitat was brought to life in just nine months – from the first sketch to the final printed form, and has been designed to support a crew of two astronauts, comfortably, for 90 days on the surface of the Moon.

Honda reportedly had 3D models removed from Printables marketplace Legislation

Honda Reportedly Had 3D Models Removed from Printables Marketplace Legislation

According to a story first published by TheDrive, “all models referencing the word Honda posted prior to March 30, 2022, were seemingly removed from Printables without warning. These included speaker brackets, key housings, hood latches, shifter bushings, washer fluid caps, roof latch handles, and my trunk lid handle—a part not offered on 10th generation Accords sold in the U.S. at all. According to the author of the article, many of the removed parts had no Honda branding but were just compatible with Honda vehicles. As it turns out, Prusa says it was issued a takedown notice from Honda and removed all 3D models that referenced the brand.

Some great examples of 3D printed furniture seen at Milan Design Week Consumer Products

Some Great Examples of 3D Printed Furniture Seen at Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week takes place during the Salone del Mobile, the largest furniture fair in the world. It has become a place to see some of the latest advances in product design and 3D printing has been introduced as a development and a production process for some time. In fact, the 3dpbm team has been organizing events focusing on 3D printing during Milan Design Week since 2014. Now the use of 3D printing technology has become almost omnipresent, so much so that some 3D printed products are no longer presented as such. So it’s no longer a matter of finding the 3D printed products among traditionally manufactured ones, as much as finding some particularly interesting ones.

Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia column digitally replicated AM Software

Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia Column Digitally Replicated

Luai Kurdi is the Founder and CEO of PRINT4D, a company based in Prague, Czech Republic, consisting of a group of engineers with a passion for technology and construction. PRINT4D utilizes the latest advancements in digital tools to revolutionize how the environment around us is imagined and constructed. According to a post on Luai Kurdi’s LinkedIn profile, he has replicated Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia Double Twist Star-Shaped-Base 14m high column, using parametric design in Grasshopper – demonstrating the real advantages of parametric design, digital fabrication, and 3D concrete printing.