Bianchi Oltre RC hyperbike features 3D printed saddle Consumer Products

Bianchi Oltre RC hyperbike features 3D printed saddle Consumer Products

The new, $14K Bianchi Oltre RC hyperbike is the flagship of the Aerovolution collection from leading Italian bicycle brand Bianchi. Among its state-of-the-art features, the bike has one that has now become kind of a must for top-level bikes: the RC 139 Carbon Air 3D printed saddle.

Made by OECHSLER, a leading additive manufacturing series production service provider, the RC 139 Carbon Air saddle not only stands out for its innovative design but also features essential benefits for the rider including ultralight padding, individualized cushioning zones for enhanced comfort, and passive ventilation.

Bianchi Oltre RC hyperbike features 3D printed saddle Consumer Products

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The RC 139 Carbon Air saddle is 3D printed in TPU using Carbon technology and was jointly developed by Bianchi Bicycles and OECHSLER specifically for the Oltre RC bike. It ensures the rider can maintain a comfortable aerodynamic position for long rides and during races. It is 139 mm wide and 250 mm long, weighs 168 grams and employs 3D variable density padding. The carbon shell and frame provide maximum stiffness, with no weight increase.

The Oltre itself is an unprecedented aero bike. It is a project developed by Reparto Corse that marks a turning point for the brand. The new Oltre family represents the first complete frame/component platform designed and manufactured entirely by Bianchi.


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