Additive Industries Announces Finalists at Metal 3D Printing Design Challenge 2016 3D Printing Processes

On Wednesday March 9th, Additive Industries announced the finalists of Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2016. From a group of 47 contestants, both professionals and students, 3 finalists were selected per category. ‘The redesigns submitted from all over the world (USA, Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain, Egypt and Finland) demonstrate perfectly how product designs can be improved when the freedom of 3D printing is applied’, says Daan Kersten, co-founder and CEO of Additive Industries. The large variation of industrial applications confirms the growing interest for additive manufacturing in multiple industries.


Custom Chair 3D Printed in One Day by Hans Fouche AM Software

Not everyone is Hans Fouche, and not everyone has a Cheetah one cubic meter 3D printer in their garage. However more and more people do so, soon, many will be able to 3D print real size objects on demand. Of course it will still take a good amount of creativity to know what to use it for, for example a custom chair 3D printed in the shape of a Marmite bottle. That what Hans Fouche 3D Printing just did.


UA 3D printed shoes are generatively designed with autodesk Within software Consumer Products

The 3D printed shoe race is heating up as high-tech sports apparel brand Under Armor releases ArchiTech commercially available, limited edition UA 3D printed shoes which were generatively designed using Autodesk’s Within software. In 1996 Under Armour broke into the athletic market by reinventing the humble t-shirt. Now a powerhouse brand, Under Armour is pushing the boundaries on high-performance athletic gear. So as the company approached its 20th anniversary, the UA Innovation Team looked to up the ante on the brand’s performance training footwear with the first UA 3D printed shoes.