SLA 3D Printed Strawberry Bear Resin Toy

SLA 3D Printed Strawberry Bear Resin Toy

Process 3D Print, Support Removal, Post Curing, Primer Coating, Polish, Paint
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 3 workdays


About Project

Imagine a toy so cute it begs for a hug: a charming pink bear with an innocent expression, reaching out its arms in a heartwarming embrace. This adorable creation is a prime example of the wonders SLA 3D printing can bring to the toy industry, courtesy of FacFox's expert manufacturing services.

The strawberry bear began its journey as a 3D model, its details meticulously crafted for maximum cuteness. FacFox's meticulous SLA printing process, using high-quality grey resin, then brought the design to physical form. This method ensures exceptional precision, capturing every nuance of the bear's lovable features.

After the initial printing, the magic of paint transformed the bear into its final, captivating form. Skilled artisans used spray guns to coat the bear in a delightful shade of pink, bringing its strawberry inspiration to life. The smooth, even application enhances the bear's soft, huggable appearance.

This adorable strawberry bear is a testament to FacFox's ability to turn toy designers' visions into reality. Their SLA 3D printing offers unmatched precision for even the most intricate details, perfect for capturing the essence of any character.

Looking to bring your own cuddly creations to life?

FacFox's manufacturing services cater to the toy industry's specific needs. With their expertise and high-quality SLA printing, you can create captivating toys that will capture hearts and imaginations.

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  • Step 1: Designing. The 3D model of the Strawberry Bear was meticulously crafted by designers, ensuring an innocent expression and outstretched arms for a hug.
  • Step 2: Preparing. The design file was then processed by specialized software, where it was sliced into thin layers for printing.
  • Step 3: Printing. Using Stereolithography (SLA) technology, the bear was printed layer by layer with grey resin. The resin was cured by a laser, solidifying it to form the bear’s shape.
  • Step 4: Washing. After printing, the bear was carefully washed to remove any uncured resin from its surface.
  • Step 5: Curing. The toy was then placed under UV light to further cure and harden the resin.
  • Step 6: Sanding. Once fully cured, the bear’s surface was sanded smooth to prepare it for painting.
  • Step 7: Painting. A base coat of pink paint was applied using spray guns, giving the bear its vibrant color.
  • Step 8: Detailing. Finer details and facial features were added with precision, bringing the bear’s innocent expression to life.
  • Step 9: Finishing. Finally, a protective clear coat was sprayed over the bear to seal the paint and enhance durability.