SLA 3D Printed Emperor‘s Dragon Throne As Movie Props

SLA 3D Printed Emperor‘s Dragon Throne As Movie Props

Process 3D Print
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1,000-5,000
Lead Time 10 workdays


About Project

Emperor is a key role in most of the costume and historical dramas. For most of the production teams who make low-cost online TV drama, renting the professional and featured film and television studios is costly, nor can they afford to buy an intricate stone-carved throne. A genius in the film set thought of using 3D printing to build the eye-catching enclosures of the dragon throne for the emperor. It proves to be very successful. The complicated dragon relief is well printed. The white and matte surface of the resin back looks as if it's made of stones.


  • Step 1: Our designer draws the patterns of the chair enclosure, referring to the photos of those real dragon thrones.
  • Step 2: 3D modeling the dragon throne in the specified size
  • Step 3: Adjustment of the dragon relief and rendering
  • Step 4: SLA 3D printing through photosensitive resin
  • Step 5: Support removal, polishing, and other post-processing