3D Printed Rooftop Of China’s Ancient Palace

3D Printed Rooftop Of China’s Ancient Palace

Process 3D Print
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1,000-5,000
Lead Time 7 workdays


About Project

A hobbyist who loves China's ancient architecture has collected a lot of models of pavilions, terraces, and open halls. Recently, she made an order with us to print a scale model of China's ancient palace. We have finished the roof part now.

Chinese roof architecture has at least three features: timber jointing systems, graceful curved shapes, and round tiles. Our SLA printed roof model perfectly represents all of the above. You can see the intricate ornament and tile pieces. To lessen the work of post-processing, our technicians adapted the machine for several hours.

The model is 2 meters long and will be exhibited in the private museum she owns.


  • Step 1: 3D modeling after communicate with our customer and do research on the Chinese ancient rooftop features. The model is adjusted for a few times before setting down.
  • Step 2: 3D printed through SLA technology with photosensitive resin.
  • Step 3: Post-processing which includes sanding, polishing, and painting.