SLA 3D Printed Aquanaut Toy Model

SLA 3D Printed Aquanaut Toy Model

Process 3D Print, Paint, Polish
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 3 workdays


About Project

Diving is the sport of jumping or falling into water from a platform or springboard, usually while performing acrobatics. A toy company just designed an aquanaut toy for young children. The small figure has a soft blue and white appearance, no sharp edge but smooth and round surface. The inner part of the helmet is required to be transparent, so we choose the SLA Clear Resin. For the rest parts, we just print with Generic Resin. We carved the company name and logo on the front side of the toy by laser inscription technique.
The prototype is made within three days, much shorter than the required lead-time. After passing the verification of the prototype, the company instantly invest in producing low-volume samples.


  • Step 1: 3D modeling based on the blueprint offered by our client.
  • Step 2: Slicing the toy model into 3 parts.
  • Step 3: 3D printing the model in SLA Generic Resin and SLA Clear Resin.
  • Step 4: Post-processing, includes support removal, spray painting, sandblasting, polishing, painting, and laser inscription.

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