SLA 3D Printed Trophy With Silver Paint for E-sports Competition

SLA 3D Printed Trophy With Silver Paint for E-sports Competition

Process 3D Print, Paint, Polish
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 2 workdays


About Project

How much does this giant silver trophy cost? Indeed it's 3D printed with resin. The metallic paint may have cheated you.
With a height of 0.8m, it looks weighty and eye-catching. The design of the trophy for an E-sports competition refers to ancient Chinese bronze vessels. Two dragons swirl around the cup mouth of the trophy, becoming the handles of it. The protruding angular characters and bold patterns, as well as the silver metallic paint and the “embedded blue gems”, all make it look pricy.


  • Step 1: Check the file in an STL viewer, focusing on layer heights of characters and dragon scales. Import the 3D model into slicing software, adjust the placement and add supporting structure.
  • Step 2: 3D print the trophy in one piece with our industrial SLA 3D printer. SLA ABS-like Resin is suitable for building accurate and high tough parts with improved dimensional stability. Also, it needs less part finishing time and has easier post-curing requirements.
  • Step 3: The most challenging part of post-processing is the removal of supports. First, breaking them by hand with caution. Second, use flush cutters to carefully snip off the supports. Then, remove the small nubs with sandpaper. The last step in post-processing is to UV-cure your print.
  • Step 4: Spray every corner of the trophy with silver metallic paint. Brush the “gems” with blue paint carefully.