SLA 3D Printed and Painted CNPC Oil Storage Tank Resin Model

SLA 3D Printed and Painted CNPC Oil Storage Tank Resin Model

Process 3D Print, Support Removal, Post Curing, Primer Coating, Polish, Paint
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 5 workdays


About Project

As the world leader in the construction of onshore long-distance oil and gas pipelines, CNPC is capable of designing and building 150,000m³ oil tanks and 10,000m³ spherical tanks, with an annual construction capacity of 26 million cubic meters for oil tanks and 16 million cubic meters for refined products. Here is a scaled-down display model for one of its largest oil storage tanks.


  • Step 1: We firstly analyze the 3D models and found the challenges: the oil storage tank is quite large and easily deformed during printing, and the handrails are long and thin with overhang structures.
  • Step 2: For these barrel-shaped objects, we usually print the bottom and wall separately. It’s also useful to prevent deformation by adding supports and arranging the placement. We split the models into tank wall, bottom, top, handrails, small devices, and ladder.
  • Step 3: 3D print all the parts with SLA Generic Resin using our industrial 3D printer. The layer thickness we set is 0.05mm.
  • Step 4: Rinse the models with IPA and post-cure with UV. Cut off all the supports, then polish with sandpaper.
  • Step 5: Paint the parts with red, silver, and grey paints. Screenprint the company logo onto the wall. Then spray with clear acrylic paint. Finally, glue all the parts together.