DMLS 3D Printed Titanium Alloy Bike Computer Mount

DMLS 3D Printed Titanium Alloy Bike Computer Mount

Process 3D Print, Support Removal, Polish
Material Metal
Quantity 10 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 3 workdays


About Project

Looking to shave grams and add some serious style to your cockpit? Look no further than a FacFox DMLS 3D-printed titanium alloy bike computer mount!

Tired of bulky plastic mounts that weigh you down? FacFox's DMLS 3D-printed titanium mounts offer the perfect solution. DMLS, or Direct Metal Laser Sintering, creates incredibly strong and lightweight titanium components. This means you get a mount that's:

Super Strong: Titanium is far stronger than aluminum or plastic, ensuring your computer stays secure even on the roughest rides.

Featherweight: Titanium's incredible strength-to-weight ratio translates to a mount that adds next to nothing to your bike's weight.

Beyond performance, these mounts are real head-turners. The natural titanium finish and precision 3D printed design create a mount that's as beautiful as it is functional.

Plus, titanium is naturally corrosion-resistant, so you can expect your FacFox mount to look sharp for years to come.

FacFox's 3D printing technology allows for limitless customization. Imagine a mount perfectly tailored to your bike computer and stem. With FacFox, it's a reality!

Ready to take your cycling experience to the next level? Visit FacFox today and explore the possibilities of DMLS 3D printed titanium bike accessories. Upgrade your ride with the perfect blend of strength, style, and performance!


  • Step 1: Design Conception. The desired mount’s intricate details were meticulously crafted in a 3D modeling software program.
  • Step 2: Digital Slicing. The virtual model was meticulously sliced into hundreds of ultra-thin layers, creating a precise blueprint for the printing process.
  • Step 3: Titanium Powder Preparation. A vat of fine titanium powder was meticulously calibrated to ensure optimal flow and material properties during printing.
  • Step 4: Laser Melting. A high-powered laser meticulously traced each layer’s profile, selectively melting the titanium powder to form the desired shape of your mount.
  • Step 5: Layer-by-Layer Creation. This meticulous laser melting process was repeated hundreds of times, meticulously building your mount one layer at a time.
  • Step 6: Support Removal. Once complete, the printed mount was meticulously separated from any temporary support structures used during the printing process.
  • Step 7: Quality Control. The finished mount underwent rigorous quality control inspections to ensure it met FacFox’s exacting standards for strength, precision, and surface finish.
  • Step 8: Post-Processing. Depending on the client’s desired aesthetics, the mounts have undergone additional finishing steps like sandblasting.