CNC Milled Aluminum Alloy Throttle Body Spacer Automotive Part Customization

CNC Milled Aluminum Alloy Throttle Body Spacer Automotive Part Customization

Process CNC, Polish
Material Metal
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 2 workdays


About Project

If you are looking for a way to improve your car’s performance and fuel efficiency, you might want to consider installing a throttle body spacer. A throttle body spacer is a device that attaches to the throttle body and creates a vortex of air that mixes with the fuel before entering the combustion chamber. This improves the atomization of the fuel and allows for more complete combustion, resulting in more power and better mileage.

One of the best materials for making throttle body spacers is aluminum alloy, which is lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum alloy can be shaped into various designs using CNC milling, a process that uses computer-controlled machines to cut and drill precise patterns on metal blocks. CNC milling ensures high accuracy and consistency in producing throttle body spacers that fit perfectly on your car’s engine.

To find a reliable and affordable CNC milling service for your automotive needs, you should check out FacFox. FacFox is an online platform that connects you with professional CNC machining shops around the world. You can upload your design files, get instant quotes, choose from various materials and finishes, and receive your parts within days. FacFox also offers quality assurance, customer support and fast delivery.

Whether you need a single prototype or a large batch of throttle body spacers, FacFox can help you get them done quickly and easily. Visit our website today and see how they can help you boost your car’s performance with CNC milling.


  • Step 1: The CAD model was examined and transformed into a CNC-compatible format with AutoCAD software.
  • Step 2: A most suitable type of CNC machine was chosen according to the product design’s complexity and the workpiece’s cost.
  • Step 3: Certain operations were configured and the G-codes were input on the machine. The workpiece was mounted on the machine as well.
  • Step 4: The workpiece got shaped and the holes were drilled automatically. It would be inspected during and after the machining process for quality assurance.
  • Step 5: The throttle body spacer underwent a hand polishing treatment. There are visible polishing lines on the surface.

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