SLA and SLS 3D Printed Sanxingdui Bronze Head with Gold Foil Mask Replica

SLA and SLS 3D Printed Sanxingdui Bronze Head with Gold Foil Mask Replica

Process 3D Print, Support Removal, Post Curing, Polish, Paint, Electroplate
Material Resin
Quantity 8 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 4 workdays


About Project

Sanxingdui, a.k.a. 'Three Star Mound', is the name of an archaeological site and a major Bronze Age culture in modern Guanghan, Sichuan, China. In March 2021, more than 500 cultural relics, including a 3,000-year-old gold mask, were discovered at Sanxingdui. The most striking finds were dozens of large bronze masks and heads (at least six with gold foil masks originally attached) represented with angular human features, exaggerated almond-shaped eyes, some with protruding pupils, and large upper ears.
Our engineers repaired the 3D scans offered by the archaeologists, and then 3D printed some replicas with resin. We use special paint to mimic the gold foil finishing.


  • Step 1: The staff first uses a 3D scanner to collect three-dimensional data of the cultural relics. As the scan data has many broken meshes, the engineers need to repair the models. Then we would scale up the models and hollow them to create the protective case.
  • Step 2: Import the 3D models into our industrial 3D printer and print the silica gel protective case. Cover the surface of the cultural relics with silica gel to protect them. Then the archaeologists wrap the relics with thick protective materials and pack them in a special box.
  • Step 3: 3D print the replicas of the relics with an SLA 3D printer using generic resin. Cut off the supports and rinse with IPA to make the surface smooth. Then spray with a special paint to mimic the gold foil.