SLA 3D Printed Prototype for The Giant Elephant Statue Outside The Mixc Shopping Center

SLA 3D Printed Prototype for The Giant Elephant Statue Outside The Mixc Shopping Center

Process 3D Print, Paint, Electroplate
Material Resin
Quantity 2 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 4 workdays


About Project

As the forerunner in China’s shopping centers, The MixC has been leading the new lifestyle trend by advocating new international shopping ideas and exhibiting its elegance and fashion. All can be found in this over 200,000 square meters palace are international brands, top fashion, entertainment, cultural life, both eastern and western cuisines, and so on.

The new Mixc shopping center was opening in Shanghai several months later, and there was a giant but cute cartoon elephant statue in their blueprint. Before they finally choose the best color scheme, the designers decided to make some scaled-down elephant models with the help of 3D printing technology.

As shown in the pictures, we have 3D printed two miniature with SLA Generic Resin, and then painted one in gold and one in silver. It was sitting on a giant silver plane and holding a paper plane.


  • Step 1: Firstly, our engineer checks the structure of the 3D model to make sure it can stand stably.
  • Step 2: We print two statue models in one piece with SLA Tough Resin. The elephant is hollowed-out while its base is solid.
  • Step 3: Remove the supporting structure, post-cure them with UV.
  • Step 4: Color one of the model with chrome paint to turn the surface silver and glossy, and electroplate another elephant model with copper to make it golden and shinny.

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