SLA 3D Printed Silver Plated Resin Car Emblem Letter Plate

SLA 3D Printed Silver Plated Resin Car Emblem Letter Plate

Process 3D Print, Support Removal, Post Curing, Primer Coating, Polish, Paint
Material Resin
Quantity 2 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 5 workdays


About Project

At FacFox, we're passionate about driving innovation in the automotive industry, and 3D printing is our fuel. Today, we're thrilled to share a stunning example of our capabilities: a flawlessly silver-plated, SLA 3D printed car emblem prototype. This seemingly simple emblem, with its gleaming finish and intricate details, embodies the transformative power of 3D printing for automotive applications.

More Than Meets the Eye:

This car emblem isn't just a pretty face. Crafted from high-quality resin using our cutting-edge SLA printing technology, it offers several advantages over traditional metal emblems:

Unmatched Design Freedom: Gone are the limitations of conventional manufacturing. 3D printing allows for complex geometries and intricate details, like the small rods seamlessly integrated into the design for easy attachment.
Lightweight Champion: Compared to its metal counterparts, this emblem sheds weight without sacrificing strength, contributing to overall vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.
Cost-Effective Prototyping: 3D printing empowers rapid and affordable prototyping, accelerating design iterations and time-to-market.
Superior Aesthetics: The flawless silver coating, achieved through advanced vacuum plating technology, delivers a premium look that turns heads.
Pushing the Boundaries:

While the emblem's shine is undeniable, we understand the quest for perfection. At FacFox, we're constantly refining our techniques to overcome limitations and ensure impeccable metal finishes on even the most intricate 3D printed parts.

Why Choose FacFox for Your Automotive Prototyping Needs?

Industry-Leading Expertise: Our team boasts extensive experience in automotive applications, collaborating with leading manufacturers to translate ideas into reality.
Cutting-Edge Technology: We offer a diverse range of 3D printing technologies, including SLA, SLS, and FDM, to fulfill your specific requirements.
Agile and Streamlined Processes: We prioritize fast turnaround times and efficient workflows, ensuring your projects stay on track.
Unwavering Quality: We utilize only the highest quality materials and meticulous processes to deliver prototypes that meet the strictest automotive standards.
Ready to unleash the potential of 3D printing for your automotive brand? Contact FacFox today to discuss your project and experience the future of car design, driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology.


  • Step 1: The emblem’s design was optimized for 3D printing, ensuring that the small rods on the back were integrated into the model for secure attachment to a vehicle, and the thin parts of the letters would not break.
  • Step 2: Utilizing SLA technology, the emblem was printed with a focus on high resolution to capture all the fine details, including the integrated rods.
  • Step 3: After printing, the supports were carefully removed, and the emblem was cured under UV light to achieve optimal strength and stability.
  • Step 4: The emblem underwent a thorough surface preparation to ensure that the vacuum plating would adhere evenly and flawlessly.
  • Step 5: The emblem was then silver plated using the vacuum plating technique, which provided a uniform and flawless silver coating, giving it a luxurious metallic finish.
  • Step 6: Finally, the emblem was inspected for any imperfections, ensuring that each piece met our rigorous standards before being deemed ready for attachment to the automotive.