SLA 3D Printed E-commerce Company Mascot for TV Shows

SLA 3D Printed E-commerce Company Mascot for TV Shows

Process 3D Print, Support Removal, Post Curing, Polish, Paint
Material Resin
Quantity 10 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 4 workdays


About Project, Inc., a Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing, is one of the two massive B2C online retailers in China. They specially designed the statue using the look of their mascot, the little white dog, for a quiz show they sponsored. The dogs look like standing on the belt as packages, but indeed they symbolize the competitors who joined the show.


  • Step 1: Spilt the models and print them separately using SLA Generic Resin.
  • Step 2: Clear the supports and bumps, then post-cure all the parts with UV. Apply the priming and paint the parts according to the blueprints.
  • Step 3: Assemble the parts with LED strips and batteries, then glue them together with superglue.

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