MJF 3D Printed Full-color Female Dinosaur Display Model

MJF 3D Printed Full-color Female Dinosaur Display Model

Process 3D Print
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 30 workdays


About Project

Have you ever wondered what a female dinosaur would look like? Well, wonder no more, because we have created a stunning 3D printed model of a female dinosaur based on a 2D painting provided by our client. This project was challenging but rewarding, and we are proud to share the process and the result with you.

The client gave us a 2D painting of the dinosaur from one angle. The painting showed a grey, blue, and purple dinosaur with pinky purple forepaw nails, eyeball, and horn. The dinosaur had a slender body, a long tail, and dark gray eyelashes. It looked fierce but elegant.

We built a 3D model from the painting in half a month. We referred to other images of the dinosaur and made sure that the proportions, the details, and the colors matched the painting. 

We recommended our client MJF 3D printing technology. MJF stands for Multi Jet Fusion, which is a type of powder-based 3D printing that can produce full-color models without hand-painting. MJF uses heat and ink to fuse and color the powder layers into solid objects. MJF can create high-resolution, durable, and realistic models with vibrant colors.

The dinosaur model is printed in one-piece in 5 days. We smoothed out the surface and enhanced the appearance of the model with some post-processing techniques. The final result was a stunning full-color female dinosaur display model that measured about 30 cm in length and 15 cm in height.

However, there were some tiny flaws of this dinosaur that we would like to point out. The upper base had an uneven surface as the technology was costly and seldom used to print such a large model. There was also a white line around its feet and the base which was not colored, due to the dimension, which may affect the positioning of the model. We tried our best to minimize these imperfections and deliver a high-quality product to our client.

We were very happy with the outcome of this project, and so was our client. They were amazed by how we transformed their painting into a 3D printed model that looked exactly like what they imagined. They said that the model was beautiful and lifelike, and that they would display it proudly in their home.

If you are interested in creating your own full-color 3D printed models, you can contact us at FacFox. We have advanced MJF 3D printers that can print any shape and color you want. We also have experienced 3D modellers who can help you design your models from scratch or based on your sketches or paintings. Whether you want to create models for display, education, entertainment, or business purposes, we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today and let us bring your ideas to life with MJF 3D printing!


  • Step 1: The client contacted us with a request to create a 3D printed model of a female dinosaur based on a 2D painting they had.
  • Step 2: A 3D model of the dinosaur was created by our 3D modellers using various software tools.
  • Step 3: MJF 3D printing technology was suggested to the client as the best option for printing their model in full color.
  • Step 4: The client agreed to use MJF 3D printing technology for their model. The 3D model was sent to our MJF 3D printer and printed in one-piece in five days.