Keystone Industries and Carbon will 3D print clear nightguards and splints Medical

As VP of Sales Paul DiLaura revealed in our exclusive interview a few weeks ago, Carbon does work with third-party suppliers to optimize materials for its unique layerless photopolymerization technology. Mr. Di Laura could not make names at that time but one of the partners in question was Keystone Industries, a large manufacturer of consumables for dental laboratories, and its KeyPrint dental 3D printing solution


Lithoz goes dental with CeraFab 7500 Dental Medical

The dental applications market is now increasingly seen as a key production market for 3D printing technologies and many feel that the paradigm shift will come to completion at this year’s IDS show in Koln. Several companies are gearing up, including ceramic 3D printer manufacturer Lithoz. The Austrian company will be presenting the new CeraFab 7500 Dental system at IDS next 12-16 March 2019.