FDM 3D Printed PEEK Sample Cup with Tapping Holes

FDM 3D Printed PEEK Sample Cup with Tapping Holes

Process 3D Print
Material Plastic
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 2 workdays


About Project

Are you looking for a durable, lightweight and biocompatible material for your mechanical or biomedical applications? Do you want to create complex shapes and structures with high precision and strength? If yes, then you might be interested in FDM 3D printed PEEK sample cup with tapping holes.

PEEK, or polyetheretherketone, is a high-performance, semi-crystalline polymer that has excellent properties such as:

High melting and glass transition temperatures (340°C and 143°C respectively) 
High tensile strength and modulus (up to 100 MPa and 4 GPa respectively) 
High resistance to chemicals, abrasion, wear and fatigue 
High biocompatibility and bioinertness

However, PEEK is also a challenging material to process and print using conventional methods. That’s why we at FacFox have developed a specialized FDM 3D printing technology that can handle PEEK filament with ease and accuracy. Our FDM 3D printer can print PEEK parts with:

Fine layer thickness (0.1 mm) and extrusion width (0.44 mm)
Optimal printing speed (5 mm/s) and temperature (395°C)
Low porosity and high crystallinity
Post-printing annealing to improve mechanical properties

To demonstrate our capabilities, we have printed a PEEK sample cup with tapping holes using our FDM 3D printer. The cup has an irregular shape and a square base, with one threading hole on each corner of the base. There are also “PEEK” letters on the front face of the cup as a sample. The cup has a hollow structure to reduce weight and material consumption.

As you can see, the sample cup has a smooth surface finish, sharp edges, clear details and accurate dimensions. The tapping holes are well-formed and can be used to attach screws or other components. The “PEEK” letters are clearly visible and show the quality of the material.

If you are interested in ordering your own FDM 3D printed PEEK sample cup with tapping holes, or any other PEEK parts, please contact us at FacFox. We offer fast turnaround, competitive pricing and professional service. We can also customize your design according to your specifications and requirements.

FacFox is your trusted partner for FDM 3D printing of PEEK and other functional materials. Visit our website facfox.com to learn more about our services and products.


  • Step 1: A 3D model of the PEEK sample cup with tapping holes was designed in Catia V5 and exported as an STL file.
  • Step 2: The STL file was imported into software and sliced into layers with the optimal printing parameters (speed, temperature, layer thickness, extrusion width, etc.).
  • Step 3: A PEEK filament was fed into the FDM 3D printer and heated to a semi-liquid state in the nozzle head.
  • Step 4: The nozzle head moved along the cross-section contour and the filling trajectory of each layer and extruded a small volume of molten PEEK onto the heated building platform.
  • Step 5: The extruded material rapidly solidified and adhered to the surrounding material to form the required shape and structure of the cup.
  • Step 6: The building platform moved down after each layer was completed and repeated the process until the whole cup was printed.
  • Step 7: The print was removed from the platform and cooled down to room temperature.