SLA 3D Printed Gantry Crane Scale Model for Bidding

SLA 3D Printed Gantry Crane Scale Model for Bidding

Process 3D Print, Paint, Polish
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 5 workdays


About Project

Our client submitted a bid for giant gantry cranes from Chongqing Environment & Sanitation Group. In bidding, a real model is more convincing than documents and blueprints. Many people realized that 3D printing is a good partner in commercial talks.


  • Step 1: SLA 3D printing is the most suitable method for producing display models. But there is a challenge for this model: the gantry crane itself is a large overhang structure and is prone to break during printing. Our engineer raises the plan of printing the gantry crane upside down and strengthen with steel pipes inside. And the prefab houses, cranes, as well as thin handrails, are printed separately and glued on the main body later.
  • Step 2: Split the 3D model, add supporting structure, and 3D print with SLA 3D printing technology. Before printing the whole handrails, we tested our 3D printer about how long an unbroken overhanging bridge it can make. We adopt SLA Tough Resin, which has better stiffness and impact resistance than generic resin, and can produce parts with improved mechanical properties.
  • Step 3: Post-processing, including post-curing, polishing, and painting. Reinforce the main body with steel pipes. Then assemble and glue all the parts together.