Laser Cut 0.5mm Aluminum Sheet with Circle Hollows

Laser Cut 0.5mm Aluminum Sheet with Circle Hollows

Process Laser Cutting
Material Metal
Quantity 10 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 3 workdays


About Project

The client found us on Etsy to make 10 pieces of aluminum sheet with circle holes. He had tried making it using his CNC router but found it was hard to make the arc and circle shape. Our laser cutting has a precision of 0.1mm, which can produce the parts quite easily. By the way, our thinnest aluminum plate is 0.5mm thick.


  • Step 1: Check the file and make sure the size is correct. Our engineers are more custom with the length units in the metric system so we will confirm the dimentions in mm.
  • Step 2: Prepare the machine and fix the aluminum sheet, and import the file into the cutter.
  • Step 3: The process works by having a focused and precise laser beam run through the material that you are looking to cut, delivering an accurate and smooth finish.

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