SLA 3D Printed Bone Fracture Medical Boot Resin Prototype

SLA 3D Printed Bone Fracture Medical Boot Resin Prototype

Process 3D Print, Support Removal, Post Curing, Primer Coating, Polish, Paint, Glueing
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 6 workdays


About Project

Orthopedic casts are used for helping the healing process of broken bones. Acting essentially as stints, they fix limbs in place to prevent the bone from healing abnormally. The 3D printed cast while being patient-friendly is superior to earlier casts in healing efficacy and hence redefines the joint immobilization practice.


  • Step 1: Our engineer firstly checks the models and makes sure all the details can be printed. Then give a quote based on the required scale and material.
  • Step 2: Add supports and arrange the models in the slicer software, then 3D print them with SLA Generic Resin.
  • Step 3: Rinse with IPA and polish to remove the supports very carefully. When the green parts are completely dry, put them in the UV curing chamber.
  • Step 4: Paint the parts with black and white colors. Assemble the parts and string the plastic wire into the shoe.