MJF 3D Printed Full-color Nylon Glasses Frame

MJF 3D Printed Full-color Nylon Glasses Frame

Process 3D Print
Material Plastic
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 1 workdays


About Project

Tired of cold and dull glasses frame? You can have something fresh with our MJF technology! Full-color Nylon is an exceptionally versatile, strong, and slightly flexible material, suitable for making glasses. It can resist a small degree of impact and some pressure while being bent. With HP Jet Fusion 300 & 500, we can easily print the leopard-spots, the image anime characters, or the pattern of your favorite scarves or necktie.


  • Step 1: You can scan the glasses that suit you most and build the 3D model. In this case, we simply download a free model and map a gradient pattern onto the object.
  • Step 2: When printing, one nozzle will move left and right to eject the material, and the other one will move up and down for spraying and coloring, so that the finished product will get the ideal strength and texture. Subsequently, the two nozzles will change direction to maximize coverage and productivity.
  • Step 3: Next, an agent is sprayed onto the already formed structure. After that, the outside will heat the parts that have been deposited. These steps will repeat until the entire object is printed.

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