FDM 3D Printed Coffee Machine Accessories Dock

FDM 3D Printed Coffee Machine Accessories Dock

Process 3D Print, Support Removal, Polish
Material Plastic
Quantity 3 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 2 workdays


About Project

A coffee aficionado has designed and 3D printed docks for each of his coffee tools, so they could be placed orderly on the table. Some of the docks are considered unnecessary by many people, so there are no similar products on sale in the market.


  • Step 1: The client measures the dimension of his coffee tool, and builds the model of the dock with reference to other similar designs, then exports the STL file for printing.
  • Step 2: Here we print the parts with FDM 3D printing technology using FDM Flashforge PLA, which is the most cost-effective solution for this application.
  • Step 3: Take the prints from the plane. Adding a raft or skirt would make this process easier.
  • Step 4: Polish the prints manually with grater and sandpaper to remove the remaining marks.