DMLS 3D Printed Aluminum 6061 Rear Suspension System Automotive

DMLS 3D Printed Aluminum 6061 Rear Suspension System Automotive

Process 3D Print
Material Metal
Quantity 13 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 7 workdays


About Project

We are proud to share our latest collaboration with the TUfast Eco Team, a student team from the Technical University of Munich that designs and builds sustainable vehicles for international competitions.

We have 3D printed some parts for their eco-friendly racing car using DMLS 3D printing technology and AlSi10Mg powder material.
DMLS 3D printing allows us to create complex and detailed metal parts with high strength and durability.
AlSi10Mg is an aluminum alloy that offers high temperature and corrosion resistance and good fatigue, creep and rupture strength.

The models we printed are part of the rear suspension system of the car. These topologically optimized parts help to reduce weight and improve the performance of the vehicle.

We are happy to support TUfast Eco Team in their journey to sustainability and innovation. Check out their website and Instagram page @tufastecoteam to learn more about their amazing project:)


  • Step 1: The 3D models were prepared and exported into a 3D printable file format (an STL format).
  • Step 2: The files were loaded into the software and the printing parameters such as layer thickness, laser power and scanning speed were set up.
  • Step 3: The build chamber was filled with Aluminum powder and leveled with a recoater blade.
  • Step 4: The printing process started and the laser scanned each layer according to the file.
  • Step 5: The part was allowed to cool down inside the build chamber before being removed.
  • Step 6: Any support structures that were needed to prevent warping or distortion during printing were broken off.
  • Step 7: Excess powder that remained on the part was cleaned off using brushes or compressed air.
  • Step 8: The part was heat treated to improve mechanical properties and microstructure. No surface finishing is applied as the client found another sponsor to do the finishing.