FDM 3D Printed GF-PEEK Worm Gear Wheel

FDM 3D Printed GF-PEEK Worm Gear Wheel

Process 3D Print
Material Plastic
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 1 workdays


About Project

Worm gears are a type of gear that can transfer motion between two non-parallel and non-intersecting shafts. They consist of a worm, which is a screw-like cylinder, and a worm wheel, which is a toothed wheel that meshes with the worm. Worm gears can achieve high gear ratios, reduce speed and increase torque, and are self-locking, meaning that they cannot be driven backwards by the load.

However, worm gears also have some disadvantages, such as high friction, wear, and heat generation. Therefore, choosing the right material for worm gears is crucial for their performance and durability. One of the most promising materials for worm gears is GF-PEEK, or glass fiber reinforced polyetheretherketone.

GF-PEEK is a high-performance thermoplastic that has excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. It has a high melting point of 343°C, a high glass transition temperature of 143°C, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. It also has high strength, stiffness, and hardness, as well as good wear and abrasion resistance. Moreover, GF-PEEK is resistant to most acids, bases, solvents, and hydrocarbons, and has low moisture absorption and good dimensional stability.

GF-PEEK is an ideal material for worm gears because it can withstand the high temperatures, pressures, and friction that occur during operation. It can also reduce noise and vibration, and extend the service life of the gears. Furthermore, GF-PEEK can be easily processed by FDM 3D printing, which is a cost-effective and flexible method to create custom worm gears.

One of the best FDM 3D printing services that can print worm gears with GF-PEEK is FacFox. FacFox is an online platform that connects you with professional 3D printing factories around the world. You can upload your 3D model, choose your material and settings, get an instant quote, and place your order in minutes. FacFox will print your parts with high quality and fast delivery, and provide you with tracking information and customer support.

FacFox has extensive experience in printing with GF-PEEK and other advanced materials. They have state-of-the-art printers that can handle high temperatures and complex geometries. They also have strict quality control procedures to ensure your satisfaction. Whether you need one piece or thousands of pieces, FacFox can print them for you at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient way to print worm gears with GF-PEEK, look no further than FacFox. Visit their website today and start your 3D printing journey with them.


  • Step 1: A 3D model of the worm gear and the worm wheel was created using a CAD software and exported as an STL file.
  • Step 2: The STL file was uploaded to FacFox’s website and the material, settings, and quantity were selected.
  • Step 3: A quote was generated and the order was placed and paid for.
  • Step 4: The printer was preheated to the required temperature for both the nozzle and the bed.
  • Step 5: The GF-PEEK filament was loaded into the printer and extruded through the nozzle.
  • Step 6: The printer started to print the worm gear and the worm wheel layer by layer on the build platform, following the instructions from the STL file.
  • Step 7: A cooling fan was used to prevent warping and cracking of the printed parts.
  • Step 8: The printing process was completed and the printed parts were removed from the build platform.
  • Step 9: The printed parts were examined, packaged and shipped to the customer with tracking information and customer support.