CNC Milled SS304 Male and Female Tube Racing Axle

CNC Milled SS304 Male and Female Tube Racing Axle

Process CNC, Polish
Material Metal
Quantity 10 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 6 workdays


About Project

FacFox delivered a custom CNC milled SS304 male and female tube racing axle for a racing car manufacturer. The client needed a high-performance and durable axle for their racing car that could withstand high speed and torque.

FacFox used CNC milling to produce the axle from an SS304 stainless steel rod. CNC milling is a machining process that can create complex shapes and features with high precision and accuracy.

The client was satisfied with the quality and speed of FacFox’s CNC milling service. They installed the custom SS304 male and female tube racing axle on their racing car and reported no issues or complaints.

FacFox proved that CNC milling is a versatile and reliable machining process that can create custom parts for various industries and applications.

If you need custom CNC milled parts for your projects, contact FacFox today. FacFox offers CNC milling services for various materials, shapes, sizes, and features. FacFox can handle any quantity, complexity, and deadline with competitive prices and fast delivery. FacFox can help you turn your ideas into reality with CNC milling.


  • Step 1: The CAD design was checked and converted into a CNC-friendly format with the software SolidWorks.
  • Step 2: A most appropriate type of CNC machine was selected based on the difficulty of the product design and the cost of the material.
  • Step 3: Certain parameters were set and the G-codes were entered into the machine. The material was secured on the machine as well.
  • Step 4: The material was shaped and the holes were drilled automatically. It would be inspected during and after the machining process for quality assurance.