SLA 3D Printed Model of Mobility Scooters for Seniors

SLA 3D Printed Model of Mobility Scooters for Seniors

Process 3D Print, Paint, Polish
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $100-1,000
Lead Time 6 workdays


About Project

Mobility scooters are invented to give seniors the independence they deserve. Whether indoors or outdoors, these electric scooters allow aging adults to get around with ease.

One of our clients designed a four-wheel rechargeable scooter for elders and found us to make a prototype for appearance verification. Once launched on the market, you can't deny it would be the coolest one.

The layout is the most important feature for a scooter, which allows users to reach all the buttons on the handle conveniently. The wheel size is suitable for driving on the city road. And the seat is comfortable, supportive, and large enough to accommodate the user. It also has a front basket to hold daily groceries.

The scooter model is SLA 3D printed with Tough Resin, part of which coated with chrome paint.


  • Step 1: Examine the 3D model especially the assembly and snap & fit structures.
  • Step 2: 3D print different parts using SLA Tough Resin and SLA Black Tough Resin.
  • Step 3: Remove the supporting structure and post-cure them with UV.
  • Step 4: Sandblast and polish the parts to achieve a matte or glossy surface effect.
  • Step 5: Assemble all the parts together.