CNC Machined 1:1 Transparent PMMA Car Model for Automobile Exhibition

CNC Machined 1:1 Transparent PMMA Car Model for Automobile Exhibition

Process CNC
Material Plastic
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $100,000+
Lead Time 50 workdays


About Project

ZF Friedrichshafen AG, one of Germany’s largest automotive suppliers, offers extensive portfolio includes chassis and driveline technology for conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicles as well as active and passive safety systems.

Every time its iconic transparent model car shows up in the automotive exhibition, it would stir the crowd. All present people were shocked and amazed by its beauty and originality. The body of the transparent car is made of heavy-duty organic glass. Please note that transparent cars use no paint.

You can see how the car is designed from the inside in detail through the transparent body of this sedan. You can also see how security technology works, which is usually hidden under the car body. Moreover, you can clearly see airbags, various sensors, and braking and control systems. This equipment provides safe driving. It is also possible to look at the design of seat belts. Perhaps the only security element that developers of the transparent car did not take into account is glaring. However, this oversight can be forgiven, since the car is not designed for mass production.


The whole shell of the car is made with CNC milling technology. As it’s in the size of a real car, exceeding the build volume of CNC milling machine, we have to produce the parts separately and joint them together.

The transparent car roof is made of durable organic glass – PMMA. This material can withstand heavy loads. At the same time, the original glass is very light, so the car seems to slip along the highway. This transparent car roof has passed eight tests on durability.

Transparent car seat covers are made of the special soft organic material that is very pleasant to the touch. The car seat itself is also made of durable natural glass.

Transparent car floor mats have a unique design and special rubberized backing system. Each car is equipped with 4-floor mats. They are intended to keep the transparent car interior safe from dirt, damaging dust, and all troubled the car usually faces from everyday use. The backing of transparent car floor mats is made from special vinyl, which prevents shifting and sliding.


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