SLA 3D Printed 2.5 Meter Poseidon and Horse Resin Statue

SLA 3D Printed 2.5 Meter Poseidon and Horse Resin Statue

Process 3D Print, Support Removal, Post Curing, Polish, Glueing
Material Resin
Quantity 1 pcs
Price Range $1-100
Lead Time 8 workdays


About Project

Poseidon has three main aspects: sea-god, earth-shaker, and giver of horses. As sea-god he could stir up the waves or calm them, while as the earth-shaker his power was terrifying. Only as the god of horses was Poseidon a clear friend to humans.
Although we could 3D print 2 meter high objects in one piece with our industrial 3D printer, the client preferred printing each part separately and stick them together as small resin prints would have better dimension accuracy.


  • Step 1: First we listen to our client’s needs and raise the plan about splitting the model and add assembly structure. Our engineer checks the whole model thoroughly to make sure it’s fully printable and won’t break easily during transportation.
  • Step 2: The 3D model of Poseidon and the horse is split into upper body, arms, base, etc. We add supporting structures and arrange the placement in slicer software. Then we 3D print them with our high-precision 3D printer using SLA Generic Resin.
  • Step 3: When printing finished, wash the green parts with IPA to remove excess materials, then post-cure them with UV. Assemble and fix the main body together with super glue and try to install his arms and the trident. Strengthen and stabilize the prints by filling with steel ribs.
  • Step 4: Pack the giant statue with a custom wooden box. Strengthen some parts with tapes. As the arms and trident are brittle due to their shape and structure, we pack them by themselves with bubble wrap. The main body is protected with custom thick foam.