The Most Popular 3D Prints for Christmas and New Year Celebration

The Most Popular 3D Prints for Christmas and New Year Celebration

Santa Ornament

Two Merry Birds in a Christmas tree | Made by Michiel Cornelissen

Rocket Christmas Ornament | Made by Pathos Designs

Spinning Snowman | Made by Maundy

Golden Snitch Christmas Ornament | Made by Porda

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Place Card | Made by fantasy shapes

Christmas cage tree | Made by Loki’s Divinaties

The Tree Top

Christmas Tree Tip | Made by Andrea Giglio

Christmas Star | Made by Arts & Crafts

Christmas Star | Made by 3Dirk Design

Snowflake Decoration

Snowflake Bubble | Made by Kimotion Arts

Treble Clef Snowflake | Made by StuffbySteve

Christmas Deer

Deer Head Wall Mount | Made by Voronart sculpture workshop

Deer Art | Made by 3dservz

Water deer | Made by Vitamin Imagination_VI models

Christmas Bell

Merry Christmas Bell | Made by Bertucio Design

300 Million-year Old Brass Bell Replica | Made by ShukoDesigns


Hollyberry, Pine Cone and Bell Christmas Pendant | Made by MANUTHINGS

Interlocking flower bell earrings | Made by TL 3D Design & Art

Christmas Tree Pendant | Made by Vin3D

Lampshade & Candle & Candle Holder

Coraline S. Tealight White Sandstone | Made by Kanqoon

Nebula Lampshade | Made by SbancA

Candle Handle from “The Beauty and the Beast” | Made by gunnarfossum

Christmas Toys

Santa | Made by TomasAceytuno

Otto Santa Claus and Nutcracker by Dreamfactory | Made by yanizo

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