Prellis Biologics to provide human lymph node organoids for research Bioprinting

Prellis Biologics to Provide Human Lymph Node Organoids for Research

Prellis Biologics Inc., a biotherapeutics company with human tissue engineering capabilities, has entered into a collaboration and license option agreement with Sanofi S.A., an innovative global healthcare company. The collaboration will focus on the discovery of antibodies with Prellis’ first-in-class external human immune system (EXIS), and leverages Prellis’ ability to engineer fully-human lymph node organoids (LNOs) and recreate immune responses in vitro to deliver antibodies with significant genetic diversity.

Orion Medical enables 3D printing in precision medicine 3D Printing Processes

Orion Medical Enables 3D Printing in Precision Medicine

Orion Medical GmbH, founded in Cham, Switzerland in March 2022, is a manufacturing solutions provider for the medical devices industry. The company is closely linked to Orion Additive Manufacturing GmbH (Orion AM), an established manufacturer of 3D printing systems for high-performance polymers based in Berlin, Germany. The key advantage of Orion Medical’s additive manufacturing technology is its Thermal Radiation Heating (TRH) system, which enables the 3D printing of customized medical devices on-demand with injection-molded strength and 100% density.