Stellantis gets cracking on AM with PEUGEOT 308 printed accessories Additive Manufacturing

Stellantis Gets Cracking on AM with PEUGEOT 308 Printed Accessories

The Stellantis group has been eyeing 3D printing for some time, especially through the activities of its French PSA (which includes PEUGEOT and Citroën) component. PSA has made deals with Divergent 3D and introduced experimental printed parts – even metal ones, – for Citroën cars. The Italian-Amerian side of the company, FCA, has been working on prototyping for over two decades, with the famous example of the Alfa Giulia’s front grill. More recently the company has been working with MJF technology for production components on its Jeep branded cars and other long-term conceptual projects. Now it’s all coming together with commercial MJF 3D printed accessories for the PEUGEOT 308.


3DEO Adds DfAM as Core Service

Los Angeles-based 3DEO, one of the world’s highest volume metal 3D printing companies, has added design and engineering services to its portfolio of offerings, to better support its customers throughout the entire product lifecycle. 3DEO is introducing advanced end-to-end solutions to product and engineering teams across all industries, specializing in medical devices, industrial equipment, aerospace and consumer products. The decision to include early-stage DfAM in its already differentiated 3D printing technology service gives 3DEO a further advantage to uniquely solve its customers’ needs at any stage of the product development lifecycle – with the ultimate goal of production at scale.

Deggendorf Institute of Technology orders MPO 100 printer Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Deggendorf Institute of Technology Orders MPO 100 Printer

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) has placed an order for a Multiphoton Optics MPO 100 printer. Multiphoton Optics was awarded the contract shortly before the official market launch of the new multi-user laser direct writer, which is based on Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP), and is produced by parent company Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH. The MPO 100 will be used in the field of packaging and integrated optics at the Technology Campus (TC) Teisnach Sensor Technology of the DIT.

Nexa3D to Break the Productivity Barrier in Dental 3D Printing

Nexa3D to Break the Productivity Barrier in Dental 3D Printing

Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast 3D printers, expanded its dental 3D printing solutions, set to exhibit at the upcoming LMT Lab Day in Chicago, IL, marking the company’s commitment to the dental space. Nexa3D offers next-generation productive lab and clinic digital solutions with accurate and affordable dental portfolio resins and end-to-end workflow, featuring proven accuracy and reliability for higher productivity. The large-format NXD 200 3D printer, designed specifically for high-throughput dental 3D printing applications, utilizes Nexa3D’s patented LSPc technology.

Camozzi and Alfa Romeo F1 Partner on Advanced Manufacturing

Camozzi and Alfa Romeo F1 Partner on Advanced Manufacturing

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN unveiled a new partnership with the Camozzi Group, the global leader in the production of components and systems for high-tech industrial automation. The partnership, both a technological and sporting venture involving Sauber Technologies, is based on the two companies’ commitment to delivering excellence through cooperation and shared synergies.