STPL3D launches IndoMake INSL industrial SLA 3D printer range

STPL3D launches IndoMake INSL industrial SLA 3D printer range

Indian 3D printing service provider STPL3D has launched the new IndoMake INSL industrial-grade SLA 3D printer series in an inauguration event held at STPL’s head office in Surat, Gujarat. The company’s Managing Director Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Vasoya has inaugurated the new series of industrial-grade SLA printers after aarti and traditionally “breaking the coconut” to ensure a good start on path-breaking technology.

Mr. Rahul Gaywala, Chief Executive Officer of STPL, lead the guests into the additive manufacturing experience center while briefly describing the advantages of 3D printing in modernizing manufacturing units. Mr. Gaywala quoted: “Today’s ever-changing landscape, designers and design engineers are constantly finding new techniques to improve product development, making processes more efficient, and getting products to market faster than ever before. Additive manufacturing will help manufacturing industries to match their pace with our young, talented, and eager to do-it-faster generation’s engineers. And with these latest printers, STPL created a very conducive environment for the use of latest technology and modern approaches.”

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Mr. Kuntesh Radadiya (Manager, STPL3D) proceeded the event and extended the warm welcome to the honored guests and team members, highlighting the machine’s capabilities and expected market growth in coming years. He added: “Additive manufacturing is expecting a huge adaptation in the Indian manufacturing industries. In coming years it will be widely accepted as the foremost manufacturing technique in the small-scale production of different fields of the casting industries, shoe industries, art & craft industry, plastic industry, and automobile industry of electric vehicles. 3D printing will reduce the production & testing time of critical components and speed up the industrial revolution.”

These new-generation industrial-grade 3D printers mark a significant step in the Indian manufacturing industry. The Indomake INSL range includes several size industrial machines, from the entry-level IndoMake INSL-300 SLA 3D printer to the largest IndoMake INSL-1100 SLA 3D printer. This system can produce parts of up to 1100 X 600 X 550 mm in size, expediting productivity and versatility to meet the needs of industries, especially in the automotive and aerospace sector.

Being a pioneer in laser technology for the last 29 years, STPL has added another feather to its cap. STPL3D is dedicated to supply and manufacture best-in-class industrial-grade 3D printers and customized printing materials as per the demand of the Indian manufacturing industry. With its expertise in laser technology and 3D printing services, STPL3D is ready to soar the skies of the Indian 3D printing industry.

With the certainty of all attendees that the legacy of STPL3D will lead by example in the world 3D printing industry, the IndoMake INSL inauguration event concluded with everyones’ view towards a positive near future.

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