New powder handling station from Sinterit 3D Printer Hardware

New Powder Handling Station from Sinterit 3D Printer

The growing demand for bigger and faster SLS 3D printers – Lisa X and Nils 480 challenged Sinterit to launch a new version of the popular PHS. With the tremendous increase in powder volume that could be printed at once, the postprocessing and powder handling with new, faster PHS.

Additive manufacturing is not just 3D printing, but a process with a lot of different but comparably important steps. Postprocessing is one the most important of it. Especially in SLS technology when you operate with powder that could be reused so the ability to retrieve as much as possible is crucial. The process should be clean and fast.

Since the initial launch of PHS in 2020, Sinterit has presented two new SLS 3D printers. Lisa X became the fastest and biggest compact printer in the company’s offer, while NILS 480 is the first industrial-grade model. Reinventing the PHS was a necessity. But making it faster is not the only change.

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The current Powder Handling Station offers a new UX. It guides you step by step through the whole post-processing. It is more friendly, especially to those who just switched to SLS technology.

The PHS works with the ATEX Vaccum Cleaner from Delfin, the world’s leader in ATEX solutions, and the SLS Sandblaster like it was before, but now you don’t have to plug all of these peripheral devices separately. Connecting them to the PHS means that only one power cord is needed to connect all of the equipment with the power supply.

After those changes, the postprocessing of a typical printout will last about 15 minutes of the user’s time. The rest will be automatically proceeded by PHS alone. These are further improvements in the Sinterit offer, which, in addition to the compact SLS line of printers, also entered the market of industrial devices in autumn 2021.


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Author: Andrea Gambini

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