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According to India’s ETGovernment.com, Lieutenant General Rajeev Chaudhry, Director General of Border Roads, recently inspected the under-construction Himank Air Dispatch Unit, which is set to be the world’s largest 3D printed campus (and was built using COBOD technology).

During his visit, Lt. General Chaudhry applauded the Border Road Organisation (BRO) for their triumphant endeavors in reinforcing road infrastructure along the borders in remote areas. He remarked on the expedited completion of BRO projects in recent years, attributing it to advancements in technology and increased budget allocations. Approximately 300 BRO projects, totaling Rs 8,000 crore, have reached completion over the past few years.

The Central Government has allocated a two percent budget increase for BRO projects this fiscal year. There are also plans underway to establish a BRO museum in Ladakh, featuring advanced 3D technology.

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While discussing the 3D technology building in Chandigarh, Lt General Chaudhry highlighted the collaboration between BRO and L&T Construction in developing the Himank Air Dispatch unit. This unit stands out for integrating cutting-edge 3D printing technology, aiming to establish a world-class facility.

The sprawling 3D printed campus, spanning 1.98 acres, will feature accommodation for officers, junior commission officers, and other ranks. It will also host an administrative building and storage facilities. The establishment is meticulously designed, adopting a Biophilic approach, allowing the landscape to blend seamlessly with the built environment through terraces, gardens, and balconies, serving as rejuvenating outdoor spaces and adding to the sustainability of the design.

Of the six building blocks within the facility, five are constructed utilizing 3D printing technology, while one block is built with precast technology, showcasing the blend of innovative and traditional construction methodologies.

Earlier this year, Kelvin6k, a company that claims to make ‘the world’s most affordable construction 3D printer’, printed India’s first onsite building (a 300-square-foot office that was erected in just ten days) using the company’s “Made in India” system.

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