Constructions-3D sets world record for tallest 3D printed building Construction 3D Printing

Constructions-3D sets world record for tallest 3D printed building Construction 3D Printing

Constructions-3D and Sika set a new world record with the construction of the tallest building ever made using 3D concrete printing technology. This project, realized in partnership with and using Sikacrete-733 materials from Sika, marks another milestone in the history of construction and 3D printing technology.

Antoine Motte, co-founder of Constructions-3D, states: “We are proud of this achievement and thank all the partners, engineers, and architects involved in this project. The Tower by Constructions-3D is not only a symbol of technological innovation but also a testament to collaboration and human ingenuity.

Following the Guinness World Record for the largest 3D printed villa in Dubai in December 2023, the MaxiPrinter from Constructions-3D has now achieved a second world record. The construction of the Tower in Bruay-sur-l’Escaut, Hauts-de-France, stands as a historical achievement in the field of 3D concrete printing. With an impressive height of 14.21 meters and a vast surface area of 450 m², this technological feat redefines the boundaries of construction capabilities.

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Constructions-3D in collaboration with industry leaders like Sika, continues to push the envelope in the realm of 3D concrete printing, showcasing the endless possibilities of this transformative technology in modern construction.

The Tower also stands as a model of sustainability and innovation. The use of 3D printing in construction significantly reduces building waste, optimizes resources, and lowers the carbon footprint of the project (no formwork, no shuttering, and integration of frames during printing). It also opens the door to new possibilities in design and building in the future.

This project was made possible by Constructions-3D’s MaxiPrinter using an innovative material, Sikacrete®-733, manufactured by Sika. This material was developed by Sika in collaboration with the research and development team at Constructions-3D, along with the contributions of the engineering firm Bollinger+Grohmann.

Known for its strength and durability, Sikacrete-733 3D played a key role in the realization of this large-scale structure. A mono-component fiber-reinforced micro-concrete used as a fluid cement-based ink for 3D printing robots, Sikacrete-733 3D has an extended practical usage duration and a reduced carbon footprint.

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Author: Davide Sher

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