BOFA to provide portable fume filtration technology to Addifab Decision Makers

Addifab has signed a contract with BOFA International for the company’s portable fume filtration technology to support its unique Freeform Injection Molding (FIM) process.

Addifab has developed a unique three-step soluble mold solution that enables manufacturers to create complex injection mold tooling in a matter of hours, compared to weeks, or months using conventional methods. Addifab uses a ‘Print-Inject-Dissolve’ process to create high-precision prototypes from a wide range of feedstocks, such as composites, thermoplastics, silicones, ceramics, and metals. As a result, developers can move from concept to commercialization at the speed of 3D printing.

BOFA’s portable 3D PrintPRO 4

BOFA will supply Addifab with its portable 3D PrintPRO 4 technology for their desktop demolding station – to filter emissions during the dissolving phase. An alkaline-water solution reacts with unique dissolvable resins to release the injection molded part from the 3D printed tool.

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The BOFA system incorporates advanced multi-stage gas filtration, including a deep carbon bed and large HEPA filter, to return clean air into the workplace and help keep the chamber free from airborne residue. The portability of the 3D PrintPRO 4 provides an agile system both for Addifab and its growing global customer base.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Abbifab and providing our technology to support the company’s unique Freeform Injection Molding process. As a global business with innovation at our core, we are seeing strong demand for filtration in additive manufacturing markets and are excited to be part of Addifab’s transformation of injection molding, which is creating huge value for their customers,” said Haydn Knight, Sales and Marketing Director at BOFA.

“At Addifab we are proud to be partnering with one of the leading innovators in the fume extraction field. This collaboration allows us to offer our Freeform Injection Molding process in a compact and portable package while keeping user safety as our highest priority. I am excited to see profound shifts in productyping and small-scale productions that this package will bring,” said Thore Langholz, Product Development Team Lead at Addifab.

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